Donate “56 Stories” Book and “FF56” Computer Game!


Publishing the “56 Stories” book was done in collaboration with Lauer Learning, LLC, a multimedia educational company, which provided major funding for the project.  Lauer Learning has also created a computer game entitled “Freedom Fighter 56 (“FF56”), an interactive role-playing game about the 1956 revolution, allowing young people to learn about historic events by playing the game.  Both the “56 Stories” book and the “FF56” game were published in both English and in Hungarian.  For detailed information please visit and

Donating 56 Stories and FF56

We would like to make the book and game available to as many high schools and libraries as possible in Hungary and the Carpathian basin, as well as in the United States.  However, this job requires a concerted community effort: we need your help to reach the institutions which will benefit from having these important historical documents available for their students and visitors.  Please download a listing of Hungarian high schools in Hungary and the Carpathian Basin.


Participation in this program involves the purchase of the book and game for a total of $80 from the Coalition or Lauer Learning, LLC.  The cost of “56 Stories” is $40.00 per copy, the cost of “FF56” is $25.00 per game.  Shipping for both items is $15.00.

Detailed instructions:

Place your order with Lauer Learning, LLC or the Coalition by sending your check to our address:

Hungarian American Coalition
1120 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 280
Washington, D.C. 20036


Lauer Learning LLC
10800 Alpharetta Highway, Suite 208-556
Roswell,  GA 30076
tel: (678) 461-0109, email:

Here you can download a book order form, which includes a sample text to be inscribed on the inside cover of the book and included with the game.

Once we receive your order we will prepare the inscription and deliver the book to the donee of your choice.  We will attempt to obtain a thank you letter addressed to the donor.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email to or by telephone or fax at (202) 775-5175.

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