Continued Sponsorship of the White House Internship by Ameritech Program

The White House Internship by Ameritech is an annual public service scholarship program administered by the Hungarian American Coalition since 1994. It is an excellent vehicle for motivated young men and women to further their interest in public service, community relations and international relations from the vantage point of the executive branch of government by working full time, for a semester or a summer, at various White House offices. Furthermore, participants can stay engaged with the Hungarian community by completing a project for the Coalition.

For the past three years, Ameritech, the Chicago-based telecommunications company with a strong presence in Hungary and a commitment to improving international communications, has provided grants to support the White House Internship by Ameritech. These funds have already enabled the Coalition to finance the expenses of eleven college seniors and graduates during their internship.

The Hungarian American Coalition is grateful for Ameritech‘s continued generous sponsorship of this important program.

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