Internship Program 2020

Károly Barabási

Placement:  International Tax and Investment Center’s (ITIC) Energy Growth and Security (EGS) Program, Washington D.C.: March 16 – July 17, 2020

During his internship at the International Tax and Investment Center’s (ITIC) Energy Growth and Security (EGS) Program, Károly’s main duties included working on high-level research projects, preparing research briefs, providing literature reviews, talking points, and draft presentation while reporting to the senior staff. His supervisor, Dr. Ariel Cohen included Károly as a contributor to two of his articles in the prestigious business magazine Forbes’ online edition available here and here.

There were many advantages of working with Dr. Ariel Cohen but for me one of the greatest personal achievements was that I could write two articles for that were published online. Although my expectations unfortunately have not been met fully because of the pandemic I have still benefited a lot from working at ITIC. I learned new knowledge and skills especially in the field of academic writing. I will most certainly draw from this experience as I make my way through my career, whether in the public sector or the private sector. I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in pursuing a career in a foreign environment.”

Károly Barabási obtained his undergraduate degree in International Relations from Pázmány Péter Catholic University (Budapest, Hungary) and currently he is doing his Master’s degree in International Public Service Relations at the National University of Public Service (Budapest, Hungary). He spent the last semester at the National Security Faculty of War Studies University in Warsaw, Poland in the framework of the Erasmus + Program. Károly is interested in security policy, the political and electoral system of the United States, U.S. foreign policy as well as international finance, economics and business. He speaks English fluently, German on an intermediate, and Polish on a basic level.