Balázs Rudinszky

Placement: Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), Washington D.C.: March 18 – August 3, 2019

Balázs Rudinszky’s major task at CEPA was to provide background information to the experts at CEPA in connection with their current study or publication. Balázs was usually assigned to conduct research on a given topic, examine the issue and conclude his assessments and findings in a memo. His research tasks were mainly focused on the following topics: the state of the Hungarian minority in Ukraine; European parliamentary elections in 2019; and the antitrust cases in the EU. His other tasks included assisting in organizing and managing events; administering social media (mostly Twitter) and some administrative tasks. Balázs had the chance to participate in CEPA’s Ministerial Forum organized on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of NATO’s founding entitled ‘NATO at 70: Commemorating the Past. Preparing for the Future.’. Balázs also assisted in the preparations and the implementation of CEPA’s Denton Fellowship that hosted six experts from the Baltic States and Visegrád countries for 3 weeks with the goal of exchanging ideas with DC professionals to build their network and share their knowledge. Balázs was also instrumental in organizing the Coalition’s 2019 Gala Dinner and Dr. László Brenzovics’s visit.

“During the internship, I acquired both soft and hard skills and competencies that will be hugely beneficial in any practice field for the rest of my life. Without this opportunity, I would have never been able to own several interchangeable skills from understanding how to work in an international environment to networking at events. At CEPA, I was taught how to write proper, straight-to-the-point memos which has become a very useful and appreciated knowledge. On the other hand, having learned international relations from the best professionals in DC, I often find myself understanding the background of a business decision by knowing the underlying international policies and trends.”

Balázs Rudinszky has just graduated in law at Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest, Hungary) and he also spent a year as an exchange student at the University of Sheffield (Sheffield, United Kingdom). He is a member of the Public Law Scientific Student Association and the university’s Price Media Moot Court team. Balázs was an intern at the Office of the National Assembly of Hungary in the spring of 2017, and he recently pursued an internship at Allen & Overy Law Firm in Budapest, Hungary. Balázs also did law-related volunteer work at the Association of Conscious Consumers, an NGO which promotes ethical, environmental and socially conscious consumption and lifestyle choice. Balázs is interested in cross-border relations within the EU and between the US and the EU, international market regulations, competition law, intellectual property, human rights protection and energy policy. He is fluent in English and has basic conversational skills in Italian.

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