Atilla Kocsis

Atilla Kocsis was born and raised in NJ and grew up in the local NJ and PA Hungarian communities. He has participated in the scouts and other cultural groups and clubs.  

Currently Atilla is the President of the Kossuth Foundation located in Washington DC. He serves on the boards of four Hungarian groups and two other organizations.  

Atilla is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and real estate investor.  He has started and funded eight companies over the last two decades and is currently working with a SAAS, and AI start up. He also maintains a portfolio of rental properties spread across Virginia.

He is married to Sarah Wells Kocsis who is a Director at the Center for Public Health at the Milken Institute.  They reside in Alexandria, VA with their 14 year old daughter Vivian Zsófia and 12 year old son Alexander Pál.