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Ambassador-Designate Peter F. Tufo Briefed on Hungary

The Department of State invited Frank Koszorus, Jr., Esquire and Professor Andras Ludanyi to participate in an all-day seminar on Hungary for Ambassador-Designate Peter F. Tufo.  During the seminar held on October 16, 1997, Prof. Ludanyi reviewed the situation of the Hungarian minorities while Mr. Koszorus addressed certain historical perceptions of Hungary and their affect on U.S. policy making.

Other topics and participants included:  (Historical Legacies) Prof. Hugh Agnew, George Washington University and Radu Ioanid, The Holocaust Museum; (Economic Issues and Business Perspectives) Carlo Cottareli, International Monetary Fund, Peter Iovino, Ford Motor Co., and Richard Saul, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America; (Domestic Politics) Charles Fenyvesi, U.S. News & World Report, Jonathan Sunley, Windsor Club, and Prof. Rudolf Tokes, University of Connecticut.

“The comprehensive seminar generated lively discussions on a wide range of significant issues relating to Hungary and its relations with the United States,” noted Prof. Ludanyi after the meeting.  “The Ambassador-Designate was engaged throughout the seminar, taking notes and asking incisive questions.  That is encouraging.” added Mr. Koszorus.

Both Prof. Ludanyi and Mr. Koszorus gave Ambassador-Designate Tufo a number of scholarly books and articles concerning the history of Hungary, Hungarian minorities and U.S. diplomacy toward Budapest.

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