Alexandra Tari

Placement: Experience Corps (EC), Washington, D.C.: September 20, 2016 – February 7, 2017

Alexandra’s main aim was to learn more about Experience Corps’ literacy program, see the best practices and gain experience in an organization that has more than 38 million members across the United States. Experience Corps (EC) is an intergenerational volunteer-based tutoring program, which is part of American Association of Retired People (AARP) Foundation that promotes independence, dignity and purpose for the elderly, enhance their quality of life, and encourage them to become active members of  society. Her main tasks included the collection, analysis and creation of a report summarizing the DC Metro Branch’s volunteer recruitment in several aspects, such as age, gender, education attainment, etc; drafting a volunteer satisfaction survey and she also had the chance to join EC’s new member training.

Alexandra Tari holds an undergraduate degree in Natural and Cultural Heritage Management from the University College of Northern Denmark (Hjørring, Denmark). Before participating in the Coalition Internship Program, she worked as program coordinator of Civic Enterprises’ Senior Mentor Program(Budapest, Hungary), that engages people over 55 in meeting society’s greatest challenges, as its members in 12 cities tutor and mentor elementary school students struggling to learn to read.

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