Ágnes Fülöp

Agnes (Sylvester) Fulop was born in Budapest, Hungary and attained the majority of her education there. As a chemist, she had worked at varieties of Industrial Research Laboratories in Budapest for 26 years. (Industrial Food Research Laboratory, Animal Breeding Science Institute and Plant Production Research Institute). She raised two children in her first marriage. After 26 years she divorced. Later she married to Laszlo Fulop (architect) and joined him in the USA. They have been living in Minneapolis, Minnesota for 32 years. Agnes worked at the University of Minnesota, Department of Agronomy-Soil Testing and Research Analytical Lab. for 18 years.

After her arrival and settle in Minneapolis she became an active member and program organizer of the Minnesota Hungarians (MH) local organization. Few years later she was elected as the President of the Minnesota Hungarians Inc. In 2003 the MH Board established a Scholarship, named in the memory of Dr. Paul Rupprecht, who was the MH organization’s first representative to the Coalition. The scholarship supports Hungarian students studying in the USA. Ms. Fulop still continuously works together with the MH leadership. Also she was Board Member of the Hungarian Communion of Friends (MBK) for years and as liaison still keeping contact between the MH and MBK organizations. Agnes Fulop became member of the Hungarian American Coalition in the early 1990-s and now she is an individual Board Member of HAC.