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Education and Culture

We provide partial scholarships to young Hungarians from across the region to attend colleges in the US and Hungary through the Dr. Éva and Elemér Kiss and Bognár Family Hungarian Scholarship Programs.

Human Rights Advocacy

We actively monitor human rights across the Carpathian Basin where ethnic Hungarians live in minority and provide information to decision makers and influencers on both sides of the ocean.

Community Outreach

We reach out to the Hungarian American community through our annual Mikulás celebrations, White House briefings and Gala dinners. We also support community-wide events and resources.

What we do

The Hungarian American Coalition is proud to be the community’s largest umbrella organization, representing more than 38,000 members. The Coalition bridges the gap between our two countries, bringing the best of both worlds to one another. To date, we’ve raised over $7 million dollars to complete nearly 500 projects.

John N. Lauer

Leadership Training Program


Hungarian American Community Calendar


the book here.

56 Stories

The book was published in 2006, by Lauer Learning, an educational, multimedia company focusing on Hungarian and American educational issues. In that 50th anniversary year, the Coalition and Lauer Learning worked together to collect these stories from 1956 survivors and their family members through the www.FreedomFighter56.com oral history website. The goal of this project was to ensure that not only the personal stories, but the very spirit of 1956 is passed on to future generations.

The book contains 65 personal stories in all: 56 personal testimonials from ‘56ers and nine stories of relatives of ‘56ers, each of which provides a different perspective on 1956, through the eyes of Hungarian-Americans.

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